Love afar

»How can you manage to

love, without touching?«

Pretty much everyone who knows about my Distance Relationship, asks me this question. I’m never sure what to answer them, because everything is interpreted differently by every individual.

I am not the one who should say or rate how to love or how to behave in a Relationship. But I can enumerate few things that seem important to me and my Karan.

Firstly a Warn: You shouldn’t get in a Distance Relationship or trust  dubious people, that you don’t know, do not forget that me and Karan are not officially together, we are and will remain Best Friends!

In a distance Relationship you have only the moral support of the other one, not the physical one and if it’s hard co to cope with that from the beginning it’s going to tear one apart. It’s not everyones type of relationship.


Sometimes you have to ignore

Nowadays there are couples everywhere on the streets, in busses, in trains, in collage, seeing them and being in a Distance Relationship is a brutal emotional impact for oneself.


For standing such cases you need self control and the quality of ignoring.

Sometimes i catch myself asking ‘Why’ and starting to notice things Me and my loved one would do differently, in a random couple in the bus and do a whole damn philosophy about that couple. It can also lead to dispare, bad mood or dissapointment, what brings long term depression.

Let’s continue with these bad vibes:



When it turns hard…

Way to often I get back from work or from collage and I’m mentally down, my Man is at work and I need mental support. What do I do? I can’t do anything in a Distance Relationship, either you choose to let it out in someway (anything will work: Sports, drawing, singing or playing video games). All I can do is to wait until he is able to talk. Distracting helps but it’s not replaceing him!




Due to this I try my best to keep myself up, because it’s not me who has to do all the hard stuff, but him. He has to learn a whole new language, shift for a new country and many other things that simply demonstrates me that noone else could love me more.

Drawing the drawing above on songs which he sent me, makes it a little easier, because i let it out in a way or another. While drawing thoughts like if I could have »Just one touch« i’d be the happiest person, but is it really so? Once you feel something good, you want it again in a higher dose, so no i’d be happy only temporary, because i’ll need his touch more next time. But you NEED his touch…


Let’s turn to brighter sides, every couple, these days go on trips, festivals or on vacation together. Now if you have a good financial status that’s no problem i guess, but if you belong only to the middle class it gets pretty expensive, mostly if you live alone and have to save every penny (for the future).



The world could be in color, but not everytime.

Sometimes it’s even hard to look at pictures with couples. Seeing them so happy and knowing that »This could be me right now« is depressing even more. But these pictures can be aimed at, make GOALS!





We collect all these couple pictures with the goal of taking all of them personally one day. That was we have what to fight for, refusing to get moody and depressed because i can’t have it right now. It’s just as in life, you can’t have the most expensive phone on market because you got the new one a month ago. Having everything is relative.

Relying only on the fact that »one day« we will be together is taking a lot of faith and belief. We believe that we HAD to be together, if not we wouldn’t have got over the ‘Hard Times’ over which most couples split up.

One more thing that keeps us so close is the word »DEAR« that we are dear to eachother, a better word dose not exist to explain this feeling. It’s simply when you are used to every little detail of eachother.




Dinner … together… or not together…

Being Elegant is significant for a couple, it’s like a tag. A romantic dinner depends on the status of the relationship. If he likes it the old fashion way, he will invite you for a special dinner set up by his own hands, maybe with some surprises hidden. Even if he isn’t the old fashion way he brings you to a fancy restaurant. In each case you have a romantic dinner.


In a Long Distance Relationship such a thing is not really possible… unless you let your imagination play along and use technologies to make such a dinner possible. Video-calls are necessary anyway in a LDR, then why not preparing your favorite meals and have it infront of eachother in Skype or any other Video-call interface? Talking about things, eating, ‘feeding eachother’ and making jokes about smeared food on the lips, cleaned by kiss, from the one that cracked the joke.


Imagination can be a true friend in a Long Distance Relationship and as long as both of you accept the weird idea of doing something, noone else has to know about it. Your own little secret! I can only recommend such relationships, BUT you have to face the circumstances then and the following circumstances are a lot!

If you have your boyfriend beside you, love him, because you can, others can’t!


love can fly over mountains 

and swim through seas






Our Story




Our Story starts somewhere in February  on 2014. I found an interesting account on Instagram named Karan Joshi and I spammed it with likes, he did the same and took my Facebook address and messaged me there.


That’s why i’ve setted our Anniversary on the 23rd February, we never really got officially together and i don’t want us to, until we phisically meet. This way he can do everything in the » old-school way « – invite me for a date and ask me if want to be his Girlfriend.


In Facebook, we started talking and to get friendly to eachother. I can tell from both sides that we didn’t want the today’s type of relationship, where I, as taken can talk, dance or even meet with other guys than him. I had a settled mind back then, knowing that i am ready to open my heart after it got broken. It was the same with him, he got also broken and gave me signs that only I can make it right again, but never said it. Then we stopped

talking for a month, because we were confused about what is happening, i didn’t dare to write him, being scared that he doesn’t like me the way I imagined. Then one night, after a month he writes me again …

The moment when Happiness shows up

Having my heart full of ease that he wrote me again, i got so happy and was the friendliest human being to him from then. We shared our Hobbies, what we like, what we dislike and we also shared that the month where we didn’t talk was a common Thing: He also wanted to see if I am interested in him or not. So seeing that I matter after all to him, i dared to say an important Statement that probably changed the whole direction of this Friendship. 

Me: You know, i like you!

 I like you too! 🙂  :Him

Me: Let’s be Best Friends forever! 😀

AGREED!! :O 😀  :Him

So our journey started

We shared the deepest secrets of ours and revealed the weirdest parts in us & it happened not to be weird at all between us. We understood eachother as if we would actually know how it should be to go through such things, but we didn’t knew. We simply comfort eachother in crisis times with ones Family and brought eachother up. There weren’t no expectations or favours we had to do for eachother, we simply did things with a friendly love and never set any walls between us. All was well, until…



Religion and culture

As much as i know about religions and cultures is that they’re all influenced by oneanother. There’s no Religion that didn’t had a good Person in it or a bad one…

So what shall i learn from this? I know that there is ONE God, what matters how WE call Him?  


God has made different languages, so we call Him different… and the prazing changed from place to place…


I am Christian Orthodox and he is Hindu Brahmin. Now let me put it like this: Can we choose the culture we get born in? No, we can’t! Then why putting boundaries on us that we can’t marry because Orthodox are supposed to marry only Orthodox? I fell that i make him getting baptized for me… we had heavy discussions and we almost ended splitting up!

I was scared for days, i cried and i hated myself and prayed to God, if He pleases to give him back to me, because we are not bad people. Then he was, as he proved to me to many times, a sweetheart and accepted to get baptized and the reason what he told me was:    » I can’t live without you! «

This was a lesson to both of us, we never ever had such a dangerous discussion since then. We got back to normal and slowly he got to know stories about Jesus and about Orthodox Christianity. He also downloaded Bible app on his phone, by himself and when i got to know i almost burst into tears. HOW can i not love such a sweetheart??

We’re the bestest Friends ever!!


I can’t say how happy and how blessed i feel with my Karan. He is my soul and my breath. I realize sometimes how lucky i am to have a Gentleman just for myself, nobody can stop him from what he wants, he’s a fighter… just like me… It was certain! I mean if we both wouldn’t be fighters, we wouldn’t have been able to hold such a relationship steady, without any physical contact, i’d like to mention. But thank God we both aim for our love.


One fidel tool in our Long Distance Relationship is Skype. If we wouldn’t have Skype we wouldn’t have had so many wonderful times together. If he reads this post oneday, here are some Insiders:  »Making fire«, »Little Peanuts« or » suit, suits and Suite «.

Our Long Terms Skype calls got lesser and lesser due to the responsabilitiy of makin our relationship possible. I got an apprenticeship, here inGermany and we had half of the time we had before. Then he got a night-Job beside his collage, because he didn’t want only me to work. (Manly pride – I guess [He’ll kill me if he reads this haha!]) And now, we have not even the half of the half of the time we had before.

But we strugle through… because we’re fighters!



love can fly over mountains 

and swim through seas


Be happy little man

Be happy little man,
For your world has turned upside down again!
Be happy little man,
For you’re just where you began.
Be happy little man,
For you can set it right and when,
YOU find the way to sattle
You’ll be ready for the next battle.

Life’s never been any different,
You simply have to keep the distance
From circumstances that drag you down
For you’ll not know the future if you drown.

So swim up to the surface
And welcome life in your hands
Even if it doesnt listen to your commands.
Welcome it and live it
Show it the right spirit.
Dont back down from its illusions,
For its not really how it seems,
Rocks recognized as mountains
Thats how many stopped proceed.

And its pity i tell you why,
See the world, where it is today
Years back? Possibilities-away
Still it came to happen and,
It will never be as planned.

So embrace your life with courage
And let it split you full with knowledge
Gain experience and power
Make it true and sound louder


Be happy little man,
For you can set it right again…


love can fly over mountains 

and swim through seas


Showing love due to Distance


I got 20 that day, it was a wonderful day,  because my mom baked me a cake, my dad gave me a gift and my relatives did the same. My friends congratulated me and i gave a treat.

Due to all this nothing topped the sweet and to cute little gifts from my ❤Karan❤

I told him:

»You ain't gonna send them to me!«

He asked:

»ohh common, why not!?«

I said:

»Because these gifts are so important that i have to recive them from your hands!❤«


»ohh babe, thats such a sweet thing to say!❤ «



love can fly over mountains 

and swim through seas


The Word Love

 ˙·٠•●♥ What is love?! ♥●•٠·˙

It has to start with Friendship

Is this question worth an answer? Can love be defined?

What if we cannot? What  to binds us to this word?

Maybe people need it to show that they care …

… if it would be that simple …


If something made this word become so popular then it’s the need to show that we care. But is it really the only way to show that we care? You can’t quite think of an answer? Then think how do People that aren’t able to talk or to hear show the love?

It is not words that bind souls, but more the behaviour, understanding, comforting, that makes the heart crave for it again. Once the Soul felt such a please, you want it again. Why do you think Love is such a mistary until now? Researches on couples and families became more and more common, trying to analyze and to understand how love works. But why didn’t any of them actually find the answer to all these questions?

          ♥  ℓσνє ιѕ нєανєиℓу  ♥

This isn’t such a dumb Statement after all. Maybe it answers all these questions. This feeling can make you blind or it can make everything colorful, depends if you want to feel it or not. There is no right person or wrong person, there’s only ´тнє ωαу уσυ мαкє ιт ωσяк´.  Love shouldn’t be used by every lust sign of our body. If we let this happen then we cannot succeed in it, doing this we choose not to feel the love.

A relationship shouldn’t be something temporary, but pure and stable, thats my opinion. This stability is determined only by oneself. If I am in a relationship and I think of someone else, then i’m not sure of what i want. Understanding the head and the heart at the same time is hard, it takes guts to face the truth, some are afraid of it and don’t accept it and some misunderstand it and do a mistake.

It takes a second to slip away just because we  misinterpret the feelings. Love can be exactly what you want, if you want it to be “heavenly” it would be, if you misunderstand it and don’t want it to be “heavenly” then it won’t be. It’s all in your hands, unles the situation is an extreme one.

  ..*………*               My Story is complicated and sweet and the same time, Karan 
 ..*……………*             (20), my boyfriend is from India, we never met.
 *………………..*             Our relationship is not really a relationship but a very 
..*………………….*            friendship that turns slowly to strong love.
.*……………………*………*….*      It defines us to be strong in hard times and hold one 
*…………………….*…*…………..*    another up. No one said it's going to be easy... 
.*…………………….*……………….*    and it wasn't. We try to convince parents  why we like 
..*…………………….*…………….*    eachother. Never being able to touch we don't know this 
..*…………………………………*        part, what we know is our Skype video-calls and our
...*…………………………….*       Whatsapp calls and one more Thing: we know eachother
 ...*………………………*         the best! Not even our mothers know us like this.
 ...*………………….*          To know that the loved one is not okay just by Hearing the 
  ...*……………*            voice is not easy, it takes arguments, but those Kind of 
   ...*……….*            arguments that do not end up with Separation, but end up 
   ... *…..*            with both crying and huging eachother. To confess that you
    ...*..*             slept a little late last night, because you wanted to watch
    ...*                a movie and Feeling deeply sorry, due to a lie. To feel that
     ..*                something's wrong even when the loved one is trying to hide 
     ..*                it. Distance Relationship is not easy, but it has it's 
      ..*               positive sides too, for instance knowing eachother by heart
       ..*              discovering what makes the other one feel better, getting
         ..*            used to eachothers character and bind the souls 
          ..*           permanently. We discovered that we're creating memories 
          .*            by being friends... by sharing and accepting...
        .*              ...more about our relationship will follow...

          ⓉⒽⒺ ⒹⒾⓈⓉⒶⓃⒸⒺ

Due to this fact we didn’t want to back down, because we weren’t doing much except for sharing. So it all happened with the time & unexpected.

Karan was just a name once, now it means everything

There are thousend of ways to tell a Story, i want to tell ours through this way.

Stay tuned for the next Post about us. It’ll follow shortly!


love can fly over mountains 

and swim through seas


 -to be continued